The 10 Minute Brand Audit

Objective: Run your brand through a series of quick diagnostic questions to expose brand blind spots and get more focus—in about ten minutes.


The 10-Minute Brand Audit is a powerful tool that you can use in different ways. However you use it, it helps companies of any size get a quick grip on fundamental, key principles on which successful brands relentlessly focus. You can score yourself, or not, depending on how you use it.

Here are a few suggestions for leveraging the power of the 10-Minute Brand Audit.

1. JUMPSTART A RE-BRAND. Not sure if you need to re-brand? You and the team not on the same page? Try bringing them through The 10-Minute Brand Audit. Discuss at the next meeting. How does everyone score your company? The 10-Minute Brand Audit is one way to help you find some consensus about moving forward brand-wise.

2. THINK ABOUT A NEW BRAND. Starting a company? The 10-minute Brand Audit can help you start thinking now about key fundamental areas on which strong brands are built. Note of caution: it’s dangerous to wait until later to seriously start thinking about your brand.

3. DAILY POWER FOCUS. Try The 10-Minute Brand Audit with your coffee once or twice a week. No need to score if you use it this way. It takes under ten minutes, and it will help you keep your brand focused on a daily basis. Five to ten minutes of daily brand mindfulness goes a long way.

4 PRELUDE TO AN EXTENSIVE BRAND AUDIT. The Ten-Minute Brand Audit can serve as a foundational jumping point into a comprehensive brand audit.

How do you use The 10-Minute Brand Audit?

Please leave any suggestions or ideas for leveraging The 10-Minute Brand Audit in the comments.

And of course,  if you have a question or want to talk more about your brand, go to the footer and drop us a line.

Happy Auditing!



1. PREPARE: Take out a sheet of paper and a pen.
2. ANSWER: Honestly answer the 10 questions below.
3. SCORE: Grade yourself from 1 – 5 on each question according to this breakdown:

5 = absolutely yes
4 = probably yes
3 = maybe
2 = probably no
1 = absolutely no

4. ASSESS: When you’re finished, tally up your “Brand Health Score” at the bottom.

Caution: Honesty is important. Don’t plow forward with your company before being honest about your weaknesses.


OK — let’s get started!

1. Branding 101
Our company clearly understands what a brand is, how “branding” is different from “marketing,” and what is necessary to create a great brand experience.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

2. Key Core Competencies
We know clearly where we naturally, easily, and consistently excel. We avoid products and/or services for which we do not have differentiated core expertise.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

3. Target Market & Competition
We clearly understand the “burning problem” our target market experiences every day, and we are committed to help our target market solve that problem. We understand clearly where our competition is weak (and strong) in our market space, and the opportunities and threats that this creates for us.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

4. Brand Positioning & Brand Promise
We understand the concept of brand positioning, our positioning is clearly articulated, and we actively and regularly review our positioning. Our brand promise is our “true north.” It acts as a guide light for us, and it deeply resonates with our target market. We have a system in place to monitor how well we keep that promise.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

5. Brand Personality
We understand our brand personality, brand archetype,  and story. We apply all to our branding and marketing.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

6. Core Brand Values
We understand our core brand values, and we do not waver from them. They form our DNA and our non-negotiables as a culture.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

7. Marketing Strategy
We understand how branding and marketing are symbiotic, and we have developed a marketing strategy that maximizes this symbiotic relationship.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

8. Design: Quality & Consistency
We understand the power of world-class design, and we get compliments regularly on our visual branding across all media and channels. We are committed to the key competitive advantage of design excellence. Our visual brand across all media—print, web, and mobile—all form a powerful, consistent, and coherent picture of exactly who we are, and what sets our solution apart.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

9. Social Media Branding
We understand how to leverage the power of our brand on social media, and we have a consistent brand footprint across all social media.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5

10. Brand Vision-casting
We spend enough time brainstorming, dreaming, and strategizing about what our brand can be and how it can delight people — and how we will make it happen.

Score: 1  –  2  –  3  –  4  –  5



Now that you’ve gone through the 15 questions, tally your Brand Health Score by adding up scores from all questions.

45 – 50 points  =  90 – 100%


Excellent brand health. You understand well the various building blocks of a strong brand. Rock on!

40 – 45 points  = 80 – 90%

doing good, but…

Good foundation, but there is room for improvement. Think about how to improve areas of lower-scoring questions.

35 – 40 points = 70 – 80%

time to make changes

Be careful. Take some time to look into your lower answers and brush up on branding basics.

30 – 35 points = 60 – 70%

running some red lights

Caution. Your score may indicate some serious blind spots that are causing harm. Time to get help.

Under 30 = 60% and under

huge opportunity to make some real gains

You’re to be commended on being really honest. This could mean that you’re poised to make huge gains if you will invest in some professional help with your company brand.


Congratulations on finishing The 10-Minute Brand Audit!