project overview


Causenta Wellness is a dynamic wellness and fitness clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, led by an incredible pioneer in athletic medicine and wellness therapies, Dr. Thomas Incledon. Having gone by the name “Human Health Specialists” for years, the old brand was not working.

Breakthrough Brand created a new name and a new look, along with a new set of marketing tools for an impressive company that desires to—-and will-—change the way health care is administered in the days to come.


project deliverables: Consulting & Research, Strategic Naming, Brand Identity & Logo System, Website, Social Media Design & Consulting, Marketing Materials Design.





Sub-brand logos

Animated logo


“Causenta Wellness”

Because Dr. Incledon’s passion has always been to uncover root causes for client illness, rather than treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals, it became apparent that the word “cause” needed to be at the core of the entire brand. Breakthrough Brand led out in the creation of a new name “Causenta,” along with the tagline, “You: Thriving,” while also making sure that the relevant IP property was secured—URL and trademark for “Causenta.”

Tagline Development

“You: Thriving”

The new tagline represents the very core objective to which Dr. Incledon and his team aspire: doing everything in their power to help people thrive in everything. The tagline works across all six sub-brands, and is the emblem and mantra for the mother brand.

Brand Guidelines

Every great brand has rules about how to handle the logo system, and the brand guidelines (delivered as a PDF document that can be distributed to the whole organization) is the “user manual” for the new logo system.

Social Media Branding

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others.

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