project overview


Phōnlab is a cell phone tech and training institute located in Honolulu, Hawaii focused on training, support, and marketing services for those involved in cell phone tech repair. Breakthrough Brand created a new brand—Phōnlab—along with the brand tagline, “be the future of mobile.”

We then developed the website, the social media branding, and also created a variety of marketing and promotional collateral, including postcards, pens, cellphone screen cleaners, folders, and t-shirts.



The very foundation of this new company is experimentation, innovation, and education. Because of this, it became apparent that the word “lab” should be used, and attached to a unique way to say the word “phone.” The final choice for the name became a catchy, exciting mix of innovation related to the future of mobile

Tagline Development

“Be the future of mobile”

The Phōnlab tagline, “be the future of mobile,” is not just a catchy phrase—it’s a bold, exciting command for those who really get mobile tech. With this tagline, Phōnlab is positioned as the brand that issues an aggressive voice of invitation to the target demographic: it challenges them to make something of themselves, to build a career, and to be fulfilled as they help people manage the small box that is rapidly becoming the most important IT device in their lives

Social Media Branding

Twitter and Facebook

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